Distance Learning Integrators

eFieldTrips.org is a service provided by Distance Learning Integrators

Distance Learning Integrators was founded in 1996 to assist individuals and teams in the successful implementation and continuous improvement of organizational distance learning programs.

Successful distance learning efforts take a systems approach to understanding all of the critical components and how they must work together to achieve the desired results. Distance Learning Integrators has the experience necessary to assist organizations in successfully navigating the distance learning pathway.

Distance Learning Integrators started eFieldTrips.org to accomplish these goals:

  • Provide services and support to education specialists at national points of interest that enable them to provide an interactive virtual field trip to students throughout our nation.
  • Ensure that the field trips provide students with the opportunity to interact with experts in the fields of natural resource conservation, history, science, technology and the arts.
  • Keep quality and interaction with students high.
  • Keep the service free to teachers and schools.
  • Keep the costs to the hosting organization low so that more national points of interest can participate.

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For additional information on eFieldTrips e-mail us at info@efieldtrips.org